Elmira, NY (WENY) -- Over a dozen cars are up for auction, courtesy of the Elmira police department. And some people have already placed their bids as time is slowly running out.

An example of two of the 18 cars up for auction include a '92 Mustang and an '03 Ram Pickup. And for anyone interested in placing a bid you have about another week to place it.

The Elmira police department launched the car auction on Monday, October 8th. Current bids on some of the vehicles are as low as $25. The vehicles that are up for sale are some of the departments impounded cars.

“Once we have made all attempts to contact the previous owner claim their vehicle that is deemed surplus property so under the law we are allowed to sell those vehicles.” said Sgt. Frank Hillman, and Elmira Police Officer.

This is the third auction the department has done this year, but it's not an easy process. The cars first have to be deemed surplus. Sgt. Hillman says only, then, when the Elmira city council has approved their sale, can the public buy them.

“Everything we do is according to NY state law. We adhere to that protocol. Once the vehicle is deemed abandoned and the city can take control over it that's when we prepare them for auction.” said Sgt. Hillman.

“There's a couple collectors vehicles, there's a 1980's convertible Mustang. We have an older 1961 international dump truck.” said Sgt. Hillman.

Once purchased, you simply bring the receipt to the Elimra police department, and then fill out some additional paper work.

Full disclosure, a licensed inspector has to deem if the car is road ready.

“We don't claim that these vehicles are safe to drive. they have to determine that on their own.” said Sgt. Hillman.

For a complete listing of the cars head to their website: https://www.auctionsinternational.com/auction/19283