ELMIRA, NY (WENY) - The Elmira Enforcers began the history of their franchise last season with an incredible run, all the way to the Championship Series. Now, the team sets out on another quest for a Federal Prospects Hockey League Title in their second season, beginning on Saturday, October 19th. 

The Enforcers will travel to Watertown to take on the Wolves in their season opener on Saturday at 7:30 PM. The Enforcers are ready to put training camp behind them and let play begin. Forward Dustin Skinner says, "It's always nice to get the season started. Training camp, the boys get back in the locker room, you can feel the intensity. Everybody wants to be there, everybody is happy to be there. It's just good to get it started." 

Captain Ahmed Mahfouz has had enough down time as well. He adds, "Summer for hockey players is a long, long summer so everybody's excited to be back in that dressing room. Get the chemistry going, get the camaraderie going. It's nice to be back on the First Arena ice." 

The Enforcers first home series will kick off on Friday, October 25th against the Carolina Thunderbirds. The Thunderbirds eliminated the Enforcers in last season's FPHL Championship series. Mahfouz knows what it will take to bring a title to Elmira. He says,"Everything we did last year and then some. It's going to be a lot more hard work. last year was a battle just to get there. It was our first year as an expansion team and we did a phenomenal job from ownership all the way through our equipment guys."

Mahfouz also gives credit to the Elmira fans for their success. He adds, "The fans were unbelievable. This is the best arena in the FHL by far and we're all looking forward to being back here and hoisting this cup in front of the fans. Get a little bit of revenge for what happened last year."