The leaves have begun to fall and the temperatures are dropping, which means cold and flu season is here and in full effect. WENY News spoke to local pharmacists and physicians about how the season has gone so far, and how to avoid cold and flu germs if you have yet to come in contact with them. 

"Flu season has begun and I seem to be giving out a lot of flu vaccines, a lot of flu shots, and then also helping people with their, symptoms leading up to that," says Michael Steel, Pharmacist and Part Owner of Gerould's Pharmacy.  "

Many people come in contact with day to day germs through simple tasks such as going to work, grocery shopping, using public transportation and so on. To better protect yourself from coming in contact with the common cold and or the flu, physicians with Guthrie have a few tips. 

"Consider cleaning a door handle, consider cleaning your laptop, your mouse, just anywhere where other people can access something that you would often touch. You want to keep those areas clean, to prevent the risk of yourself getting the flu," says Min Je Woo, Guthrie Resident Physician Family Practice.   

Steel was also able to lend a few tips for those who are worried about getting sick this season. "Well I think it's really important to keep the things that you are in regular contact with disinfected, alcohol wipes, the phone, things of that nature. So just try to dress properly for the weather and things of that nature," Steel told WENY News. 

Unfortunately, many people have already come in contact with the bad germs and are currently fighting the sicknesses. But, even though you or a loved one may already be sick, there are some actions you can take to help get yourself healthier faster.

"Rest. Get plenty of sleep, drink plenty of water, whether it be just plain old water, whether it be water with some lemon in it, or good old chicken noodle soup. Anything like that, anything to hydrate yourself, anything to make yourself comfortable so that you can get some more rest will help you get over the flu faster," says Woo. 

So when it comes to preventing these sicknesses and or trying to get over them faster, the biggest tips the pharmacists and physicians highlighted were making sure to make every day items sanitary and to get plenty of rest. Getting the flu shot and washing your hands are just some of the first major steps you can take when it comes to staying healthy this season.