HORSEHEADS, N.Y.(WENY)-- On October 19th, the 6th annual Pumpkin Express festival kicked off at 12 p.m. The festival was in the center Sullivan's Train Station, which offered rides throughout out the festival on the mini express train. The festival had dozens of local vendors selling everything from food, decorations, gifts of all kinds. Along with all of the fun locally made knickknacks and products, there was also live music, story book reading, a cake wheel, and a kids caravel. 

One of the big hits, aside from the train rides, was the blue book mobile from the Chemung County Library District. Volunteers with the local libraries came out to read stories and show kids the fun of reading. 

"I bring a few stories, a few songs, a few wiggles with me and I have my ukulele with me. We do  a scarf dance party, it;s just a fun easy way to teach them, like the really really little ones how to move, how to socialize with each other, and it gives them a great excuse to to do that," says Jeffery Matthews, Children's Clerk at the Steele Memorial Library. 

Unfortunately, the festival is a one day only event, but all of the proceeds raised today went back into the Chemung County Sunrise Rotary Club.