CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) -- Jonah Goldwyn just celebrated his ninth birthday. But he has his eyes on something much greater, come November.

That's when Jonah will be competing in the Kids Fitness category at the Natural Olympia in Las Vegas.

"My brother, when I was six, worked out and stuff, so I started doing pull-ups, chin-ups, and things like that," Jonah said. "I saw all the famous Mr. Olympia winners and I wanted to win the Olympia."

Jonah claimed first place in his age group at the INBA Eastern Regionals. And although he works out every day--putting in four days a week at the Corning YMCA's Teen Fitness Center--he attributes his success to diet.

"It's 70 percent diet and 30 percent exercise," he says. "Out of my five meals, three of them have four to six ounces of meat, one of them has rice. Two of them are supplement meals, so one of them has a protein bar, and one is a protein shake. And then my breakfast is just eggs and oatmeal."

Jonah really focuses on nutrition in the four months leading up to a competition. Even outside those four month, he doesn't indulge too much. But when he does, he has a go-to.

"Cheat meal...probably ice cream," Jonah said.

But even a sweet chocolate and vanilla twist won't distract the 9-year-old from his ambitions.

"If you don't have a goal, then it's going to be hard," he said.

From November 14 to 17, Jonah will be judged on a series of poses in Las Vegas at the Natural Olympia. If you want to help get him there, reach out to his father, Ted.