GILLETT, PA.(WENY)-- Hall's Candies is their name and and candy for sure is there game. Thursday morning, WENY was able to get an inside look at Hall's Candies manufacturing shop to find out how this family run business ticks. The company has been in business since 1970 and has been a staple to the Gillett community ever since. All of the workers are either family or family friends, who have enjoyed watching the company grow from where is started.

"It's been wonderful because at first, it's just, you have your regular customers, now you know that you have expanded. We're not only in the city, the county, but we're in New York State and it's exciting to see it go," says Idella Robinson, Candy Packer at Hall's Candies.

Hall's has started to open their doors to some community groups, so they can show off what makes this small businesses tick and how their family comes together to make it all work.

"It's been really cool to work together on a shared vision, I mean this is a business, this is our lively hood, and it's great to kind of pool together with our own individual unique talents me being in marketing and my brother managing people, project managing," says Emilee Carpenter, Marketing Manager at Hall's Candies. 

One of the keys to the family businesses success, is keeping the businesses in the family which has had a great impact on the community. 

"We do have really great support from the community and so this is a way to support other small business," says Carpenter. 

The holiday season is coming up which is their busy season, so you can expect to see these candies all over the local area including up to 15 different Wegmans and local stores all over the Southern Tier.