(WENY)-- October 26th is National Drug Take Back Day, where you can return your unused and or expired medications. The Chemung County Sheriffs Office, amongst numerous others, are participating in this event by hosting two take back locations. The Sheriffs Office told WENY News that these take back days are important to help keep these medications out of the wrong hands. 

"Since 2010, we've had 5,160 people visit those sites and we've collected 13,671 pounds of medication. It's truly been a very successful event for us to have participated in. I know that we are one of the bigger areas that take in expired medications throughout this region," says Sheriff Bill Schrom , Chemung County. 

Participants can bring numerous bags of medications and other drugs. And for the first time this year, take back events will be accepting vape pens. 

"The only thing we will not accept are sharps. So we can't take those, but we are going to accept vaping pens. We just remind the public that if they do bring those in to please remove the batteries from those ahead of time," says Sheriff Schrom. 

The Chemung County take back locations will be at West Elmira Fire Department and the Southport Volunteer Fire Department. To find the drug take back location nearest to you, click here.