After heavy rain early Sunday morning we will see drier weather approach the region for the first half of the week. As we get into the end of the week, a different story will be headlining Twin Tiers weather. Another strong area of low pressure is expected to move through the Mid-west and then to the north of our region. With that, on Friday we will see another chance for heavy rain to return to the region after some shower chances for Halloween. Rainfall, yet again, could be heavy at times across the Twin Tiers with some locations picking up another inch of water.

That's not the only story with this system though, we will also see a return of the strong gusty winds to the region which are likely to again gust upwards of 40 MPH+. Even after strong winds and heavy rain, much colder air will be ushered into the region and highs next weekend could struggle to make their way into the mid 40s! Finally, with a NW/W wind associated as the front passes along Lake Erie, we could see some lake effect afterward which could be the first mood flakes of the season for some.