WYSOX, PA. (WENY)-- Saturday October 25th, Dandy Mini Marts opened a new location in Wysox Pennsylvania, but this one is not like any of their other locations. It is attached to a significant piece of Wysox history that has been left untouched for years on end, the Piollet Mansion. Randy Williams, the owner of the mini mart chain, saw a unique opportunity to make a large impact on the local community and ran with it. The mansion was built between 1871-73 and held the Piollet family until about the 1930s and most recently was used at the Wysox General Store. Williams saw all of the potential and loved the history connected to this building and decided to renovate it. 

"When we bought the facility, we decided to build a new convenience store next to it and restore this building for the public's use and just to make a great place to come, have a cup of coffee and relax. Kind of a Starbucks environment you know, where everybody's just doing their own thing," says Randy Williams, Owner of Dandy Mini Marts. 

Williams invited the entire community to come out of a celebration of the grand opening of the mini mart and the mansion. He also invited the living heirs of the Piollet Mansion to come see what had been done with a piece of their family history and they were thrilled to not only see the final restoration, but to have to opportunity to walk throughout it again. 

"I think they have done a fantastic job. It's creative, so interesting, the history is restored, the architecture. There are many many things that I remember as a little girl walking through the rooms, and it's wonderful seeing it being restored," says Joyce Marr, one of the four heirs left to the Piollet Mansion. 

The local historical society gave a presentation on the Mansion and all of it's rich history in which they also highlighted that their had actually been a pretty important wedding held in the atrium.

"One of the Piollets married one of the Packers, from the Robert Packer Hospital, I think it was Robert Packers Daughter in this atrium. I don't know how many years ago, but that's pretty interesting," says Williams.

The mini mart is now completely open for business and is filled with pictures and information about the Mansion and the family which once lived in it.