HORNELL, NY (WENY) -- Early Sunday morning, "Station Church" in Hornell was damaged by fire. Officials say the fire was caused by vandals who broke in. We went to Hornell earlier this afternoon to find out where the investigation is heading and to talk to the local pastor about what happened as he arrived.

Pastor TJ Rosa told us that one of the other pastor's fathers came to the church early to open up the church and that's when he saw the smoke pouring out and called TJ.

"I got here about 7 minutes after that and so, the fire trucks were already here and about 20 volunteers. Shout-out to the North Hornell and Arkport Fire Department you guys  are amazing and that's what I walked in to and so I just kind of got up ready, a million things going through my mind. Are people safe? What's going on? Then I raced to the church," T.J. Rosa, Lead Pastor at Station Church.

The fire was allegedly due to arson that took place at the church on Sunday morning, but the investigation is still ongoing. Pastor TJ also told us that someone broke into the window and set the fires within the trash cans so we asked him how the community can help them rebuild.

T.J. said, "We're a super community centered church. we help in the schools, we help in the city, we do anything possible. We were just at the YMCA giving popcorn out and if you want to help us out one of the things you can do is you can actually go to, and you can donate towards, on station.church,  you can donate towards Hope for Hornell. That entire missions outlet of our church is used to be able to bring help to our community."

Currently, the investigation is still ongoing and officials say no suspects have been identified and we will continue to keep you updated as more information becomes available