ELMIRA, N.Y.(WENY)-- Matt Guagliardo has been living with diagnosed Lyme Disease for over three years. He contracted the disease back in 2010 when he was bit by a tick in his parents back yard. He told WENY News that he did not think much of the symptoms at the time, and did not get checked for Lyme right away. Finally in 2016, Matt was officially diagnosed with Lyme in 2016 and began his search for the appropriate treatment. 

Recently, Matt fell in his garage because of his on going leg fatigue, which resulted in him breaking two vertebrae and putting him back into his wheel chair. The leg fatigue is one of the many symptoms that comes along with Lyme but, not all of the symptoms are physical ones. 

"In the height of my symptoms, I had some cognitive issues with memory loss, some brain fog, and that was when I was still working at Elmira College full time and have to be meeting with students, If I didn't have my notes in front of me, I wouldn't remember what we even talked about just a couple of hours ago or the day before," says Guagliardo. 

Matt is now home recovering from his recent fall and is happy to be home with not only his family, but his furry friends too. 

"Their both very therapeutic and, yea you're a good doctor, so they've helped me a lot. It's good to be home and out of rehab so I can sleep with them at night again and have them around again," Guagliardo tells WENY News.

Matt told WENY News that the hardest part about managing his conditions is still being active, is making time for himself to stop and relax. 

"Just learning how to take time for myself and how to heal, is not very much something that I'm used to. I like to be out in the community, I like to be engaged, I like to work.  So that has also impacted me and shifted my mind set has to be just to make sure I'm doing what's right to get better," says Guagliardo. 

Matt is going through therapy currently and working on getting back on his feet so he can start back at work again. But, he did say that stress can really cause a set back on the road to recovery.

"There has been some really promising signs but then you know, stress can really set you back, so that's what has essentially happened to me, a couple of times actually. I make good progress, intense period of stress, and then get out of wack again and then try to make my way back," says Guagliardo.

But after everything, Matt has still been able to find the silver lining.

"I'm still so fortunate, I still have a very good life and theirs some really good lessons for me that are coming out of this. So to not recognize that would be such a missed opportunity and it's something I'd never wish on someone else but I'm gaining a lot form it actually," Guagliardo tells WENY News.

Matt wants to thank everyone who has helped him on his road to recovery, from all of the doctors to all of the community members who wished him well.