With all of the crazy weather in the twin tiers, there was a massive turnout of trick-or-treaters at the Arnot mall.

Ghouls and goblins where everywhere as, the Arnot mall hosted it's annual trick or treat. As thousands of parents and kids packed into the mall, all the stores handed out candy. Marketing director Shelly Bartlett said trick-or-treat at the Arnot malls is one of their busiest nights.

“We get some of the same families that come back year after year after year so it's really great to see these kids grow from little tiny baby's to toddlers to school age kids.” said Bartlett.

But what made this year different and the primary reason for the holiday rush was the late fall weather. The twin tier were hit with flash flooding. A number of places were hit with flooding including parts of Steuben county. Some of the rain started as early as 1:00pm.

“I love it. I mean it's a little crazier than normal tonight obviously because of the weather by we really love this time of the year.” said Bartlett.

Typically about 1200 kids show up but with the rain, way more than that ended up showing up. But Bartlett made sure to advise the various stores making sure they ordered twice the amount of chocolate turtles that they normally do. The turtles are courtesy of DeMets, a candy factory just down the road in Horseheads. And those who work at the mall made sure to hand out hundreds of the little chocolates..

Sienna, a local resident came with her family. She said that Halloween at the mall is not only a great way to beat the rain but also beat the cold.

“So you're not cold and you get more candy.” said Sienna.

“We tried to escape the rain.” said Camden, who was dressed as a Ghostbuster.

Other people however, thought they could brave the storm. Erin resident, Shelly came to see if she could spoke some kids. Instead of trick-or-treating she come to test trick-or-treaters bravery.

“To scare kids.” said Shelly, when asked what brought her to the mall.

Ultimately, for Sienna coming to the mall every year is a family affair.

“We always come to the mall for trick-or-treating.” said Michelle, who was with Sienna.

This years success, could ensure the ghosts of Halloween past keep getting resurrected and coming back