ELMIRA, N.Y.(WENY)--  For some, it may be a little early to think about it, but Christmas is in the air here in the Twin Tiers.  The Christmas Store, located in Elmira, has been open since July, but this month they have officially started selling one of their iconic ornaments. The annual Eldridge Park Ornament hit the shelves early in the week to start fundraising for Eldridge Park Carousel Preservation Society. There may be over 50 days until Christmas, but it is never too early too soon to pick up your ornament.

"Most of their funds come from their fundraisers and their biggest fund raiser is their annual, commemorative Eldridge Park Ornament. It's put out by the Eldridge Park Carousel Preservation Society. They'er made in the USA, they're $30 dollars, plus tax so it comes out out $32.40 and we do ship them anywhere you want for people out of the area for $5 dollars," says Mark DelGrosso, Co-Owner of The Christmas House.

DelGrosso wanted to stress that the store is just the "middle man" for the preservation society and that they do not keep any of the proceeds. He went on to tell WENY News that the store is not only a great place to pick up this ornament and other Christmas gifts, but to just come browse around for any form of gifts and nicknacks. He said just because Christmas is in the name, does not mean that is all they sell!

"Oh yes we are more than just Christmas. We've been saying for a few years that our motto is "Not Just For Christmas Anymore" because we have food, we have ladies accessories, we have birthday gifts, we have graduation gifts, jewelry, so don't think of us just at Christmas time, we're here July through January," says DelGrosso.

And even if there is nothing specific you need right now, it is just a fun place to go and check out!

"It's a happy place. Nobody comes in here for anything they need, it's all for things they want, it's not like going grocery shopping. It's something you're coming in here for something that's going to make you happy and make you smile," DelGrosso tells WENY News.

But for those who are interested in the annual ornament, the first shipment did just come in during the first week of November and there will be more shipments throughout the month. But, Delgrosso did stress that once these ornaments are gone, they are gone for good. While they are still in stock, you will be able to not only find the new carousel ornament, but also the Seymour The Lion Ornament from last year, but his stock is also limited.

To learn more about the Christmas house along with their hours of operation, you can click here.