ITHACA, N.Y.(WENY)-- In 2012, Svante Myrick was elected the youngest Mayor for the City of Ithaca. This year, he has been re-elected to serve his third term for the City and continue to work on improving every day. WENY News was able to attend Mayor Myricks election party where the air was electric with energy as more votes came in for Myrick. At the end of the night, the Mayor told WENY News that he was humbled to be elected again to serve his great city but was excited to get right back to work in the morning. 

"So by the time we'll be watching this I'll be meeting with the police chief to see how we can improve community relations and then I'm meeting this the trades unions, all of them, carpenters the electricians to talk about how we can use organized labor to build a better city and cleaner city. And then interviews with candidates for the city court judge ship and then the city council meeting,"  says Svante Myrick, Mayor- Elect for the City of Ithaca. 

The Mayor told WENY News he plans to celebrate his re-election, but there is a lot of work to be done first.