ALBANY, N.Y. (WENY) -- A judge has denied a request to temporarily halt New York's state law banning religious exemptions to vaccination for students.

Supreme Court Justice Daniel Doyle ruled that the state has the authority to require vaccination to protect public health, citing prior appeals court decisions.

He also rejected the lawsuit claims by an Amish family that the new law is a violation of religious rights protections in the state constitution.

But medical exemptions to vaccinations are still permitted.

The Amish family's case involved unvaccinated children attending Cranberry Marsh School, a private Amish-run school in rural Seneca County, about 60 miles southeast of Rochester, according to the Star Gazette.

The lawsuit filed by Jonas Stoltzfus, who has three children at the school, was the latest to challenge the law requiring that students be fully immunized to attend school and childcare.

"Judge Doyle's bare-bones, elementary opinion is both frustrating and disheartening, if not surprising," Stoltzfus' attorney, James Mermigis, said. "The glaring absence of any analysis of the plaintiff's strongly held beliefs and the unreasonable burdens on those beliefs -- more so, the absence of even the word Amish -- shows an unhidden, callous disrespect for religion."