BATH, NY (WENY) -- Veterans were also honored earlier this afternoon in Steuben County for their service to our country. These veterans continue to serve their country and their community as part of the Steuben County Sheriff's Office.

This afternoon at the Steuben County Sheriff's Office, veterans received pins in dedication for their military work. They are National Defense pins and they were given to veterans employed by the Steuben County Sheriff's office earlier this afternoon to commemorate their service. 

We spoke with Gary T. Audinwood Jr.  who is an employed veteran at the County Sheriff's Office how he feels to be honored for his service.

"Steuben County is always pretty good at acknowledging private service members and veterans and we always take pride in it. We're allowed to  wear ribbons when we do our honor-guard and everything, and before this you were allowed to wear your highest ribbon or a combat badge before this. This is just a nice way for remembering everybody."

We also spoke Audinwood about how his prior military experience has prepared him for his current position; "It helps you maintain a cool, calm, and collected head during stressful situations and maintain a firm, fair, and consistent attitude."

The Steuben County Sheriff's Office has employed nearly forty veterans, which makes up to nearly twenty percent of their force. County Sheriff, Jim Allard says prior military experience makes them an attractive candidate for hire.

Allard says, "It means we have people that know how to work within a chain of command,and that know how to work within a larger organization. All of those things make them a much more attractive employee for me as Sheriff, and the service, they understand service and they understand service to their community." 

Allard also says the veterans they have on staff make things easier considering their military background and that veterans are accustomed to stressful situations.