MONTOUR FALLS, NY (WENY) -- Earlier this evening, the Schuyler county legislature approved 2020 budget for the county. County Administrator, Tim O'Hearn gave a briefing and a breakdown as to what the 50 million dollar budget means for the county. The most expensive in the budget are the revitalization projects that are ongoing.

This years budget will reduce the tax rate by 3% and this marks the 8th consecutive year in which the legislature has been able to lower the tax rate. Also, this years budget will consist of 38% of non mandated money for the county.

We caught up with O'Hearn to talk about what he's most excited about for the county going into 20-20.

"I think this budget allows us to continue the momentum that's been going on throughout the county with economic development projects and actually be the recognition and attention that this area is getting, allowing us to continue to invest in our future. This budget gives us the opportunity to continue the good work that's being done and does so without overly burdening the tax payer," said O'Hearn.

However, O'Hearn does go onto mention that he fears the criminal justice reforms that have been enacted by the state, carry a lot of uncertainties and a high price tag for the county.