Ithaca, NY (WENY) -- The Tompkins County Chamber of commerce held its largest fundraisers of the year right in the heart of downtown Ithaca. For over three hours people bid on everything from sports jerseys, to flight vouchers, to spa treatments.Hotel Ithaca hosted, The M&T Bank Great Big Chamber auction. This year the Chamber of Commerce saw the most items they’ve ever gotten for the annual auction. The Tompkins County Chamber is a non-profit organization. Fundraisers like these demonstrate how vital these can be. The money they raised goes directly back into the community and help fund some of the various programs the chamber offers.This year's auction included a couple hours for a silent auction, where people could bid on smaller items. The silent auction included things like a beer gift bag and Citizen watch. The live auction featured some more high ticket items like a year of baked goods from a local restaurant and a getaway courtesy of the Ithaca-Tompkins Regional Airport. For the Chamber the two auctions help some of the local businesses mingle and network with each other. All of the proceeds from the auction also helps cover the cost of some of the events that membership investments can’t. Membership fees to be apart of the Chamber only cover around half of the Chambers expenses. Chamber president Jennifer Tavares said the auction has had a history of being majorly successful. “Member investments actually only fund about half of our operating costs and so a lot of other events throughout the year, events and programs, many are educational, many are network focused, this is a little bit of networking and also featuring some of out members wonderful products and services. It’s a great time to do it right before the holidays and so a lot of folks are going to come here and try to outbid each other.” said Tavares.The chamber will host another networking opportunity for businesses focused on Art and Culture next Thursday at Ithaca College.