ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) – The Elmira Police Department is investigating after a woman damaged two statues of soldiers outside of the Vietnam Veterans War Museum.

Police say the incident happened at the museum, which is located on 1200 Davis Street, on Thursday, November 14 at about 6:30 p.m.

The woman in the video had reportedly been arguing with an unknown man and then proceeded to damage the two statues.

After chipping the statues, the woman can be seen on surveillance camera taking the pieces and throwing them at the camera. 

Veterans at the museum say  those statues have been outside for years and they can't believe something like this happened. 

"I don't know what possessed the lady to do it," said Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 803 president, Larry Sherman. "She was mad at her boyfriend or something like that I guess the story is. But still to come here to this place, this sacred place, and the hearts of our local veterans and do the damage she did, it's uncalled for. Just totally uncalled for."

Sherman says the statues were donated to the museum and believes they're worth a couple hundred dollars a piece. 

He says they'll likely have to replace at least one of them due to the damage. 

"It's disgusting to me that they would even think about doing it," said Sherman. "We consider everything in and around this building as being almost sacred ground. These statues have sat here for two years now and nobody has bothered them until just this other night ago. It's just tears your heart out."

If you have any information, or know the person, contact EPD at 607-735-8600.