SAYRE, PA. (WENY) – Thursday, Guthrie partnered with the Sayre Area School District to the Great American Smokeout.

Since 1976, the American Cancer Society has hosted the Great American Smokeout, a public awareness event to encourage people to quit smoking.

During the event, Guthrie officials provided students with the information they need to know about smoking and the associated health risks.

Students asked Dr. Anthony Grippo, the Assistant Chief of the Section of Occupational Medicine, says that younger people are the most vulnerable and need knowledge about the dangers.

Students involved said they want others to know that they are here to support them and make the right decisions and to educate of the effects of smoking and what it can do.

“If you are smoking and want to quit, it's not like you have to do it in one day,” said student Alexa Sitzer. “You can just start the process, just talk with someone and get some help...decide you want to quit and just start that process.”
“It's totally okay to be open about it, get help, talk to people about it; there should be no shame,” said Heidi Elston.

According to Guthrie, smoking accounts for nearly one in three cancer deaths in the United States.