Horseheads, NY (WENY) -- Chemung county area firefighters got a special type of training Thursday just outside the training tower in Horseheads. A number of fireman from a number of different departments participated in an emergency bus evacuation training session in Horseheads.

The training, some local firefighters got, was specialized. Though they don't happen often a school bus crash can have devastating consequences. And though they don't happen often it's always better to be proactive than reactive. For the firemen a training like this can go a long way for them, in knowing exactly what to do if it ever does happen.

The sound of equipment being placed down on a yellow mat could be heard. Firemen in Chemung county went back to school. Their assignment included trying to cut through an old yellow school bus. It was part of a bus evacuation training, courtesy of the Horseheads central school district, the Chemung county Fire and Emergency Management office, and instructors from the state's fire team. The HCSD equipment service manager, Jason Johnson said the training stemmed from a training Horseheads central schools had a couple years ago.

“A couple fire departments came and asked me if they would like to have a live training, if they could get a bus. so i brought it to our board and they were gracious enough to donate it.” said Johnson.

Johnson said the training includes a number of scenarios, training the firemen on a number of techniques and that it's not often they can get hands on training with a bus. People like John Hathaway took full advantage.

“I think it's good training for all of the different departments and that way if there's an incident we're prepared for it.” said Hathaway.

Part of the fireman's training included a lecture specifically on the safety mechanisms and structure of the bus but speaking with Chief James Allington he said that saving kids on a school bus presents it's own challenges.

“They're very tough, they're very unique. and when they're in accidents they're certain things that we need to look for in how to take care of it.” said Chief Allington.

Chief Allington said bus crashes are rare, however it's better to be proactive. But training with the bus ill also allow him to take what he learned back to the Southport fire department.

“This is a unique group. just learn something that we're going to take back that can help our own members.” said Chief Allington.

“We want to make sure everybody is educated so they know how to take care of these children when their out on the road.” said Johnson.

Taking what they learned at the bus evacuation training goes double for Hathaway, who serves two roles in Horseheads, one as a firefighter and the other as a school bus driver.

“I'm hoping to take some valuable information from our training so i can pass it on to our safety guy at the bus garage.” said Hathaway.

The training will ensure, your kid gets home safe in the event of an accident.