Big Flats, NY (WENY) -- For some airports in New York and across the country, today was a busy travel day and for others not so much. Elmira-Corning regional fell into the not so busy category. But for some people, they're preparing for a busy weekend.

Hundreds of people flew in and out of ELM for the holidays. According to AAA over 50 million people are traveling over 50 miles.

Thousands of people in central New York and the Southern tier are traveling for the holidays. Elmira-Corning regional was bombarded with passengers, this past weekend but has since slowed. Ace Downing with Terp transportation said they were busy earlier this week, but today, he only had one route.

“It's been not to bad actually. It's winding down for the holidays. So people are pretty much set where they're going to.” said Downing.

Jennifer Roscoe, is one such person who hadn't yet, got to where she was going. The Illinois native was going home to a place just outside Chicago. The Ithaca resident said she ready for a break. Roscoe is currently a PhD graduate student and doesn't get much time off.

“It's been really busy this year, so it's a little stressful to leave everything at the lab but it is nice. It's the first big chuck of time off I've had in a while.” said Roscoe.

Roscoe did have to wait to get home, as her flight was delayed. She said because of the delay she missed her connecting flight and said she might have had to stay overnight, and get home Thursday. But Roscoe is staying optimistic.

For downing he's preparing for a busy weekend.

“It'll start picking up Saturday night and it'll be pretty steady, they'll probably add another flight or two just to get he overflow.” said Downing.

Downing expects that Sunday will be particularly busy due to the fact that student's will also be returning from their vacation but Roscoe managed to plan her vacation around the rush.

“Monday morning. So yeah, not on the super busy Sunday day. That was also a little out of my budget, a little out of my grad-student budget.” said Roscoe.

For Roscoe and others they could face the same problem, Wednesday, coming back to central New York. A wintery mix is set to roll in Sunday into Monday.