TOMPKINS COUNTY, N.Y.(WENY)-- The Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport is wishing their travelers a happy Thanksgiving with an exciting announcement that almost all of their major construction is complete. 

"The major construction is done now with the exception of getting the canopy across the front of the terminal and a little bit of landscaping. The customs building is getting bricked up, so the goal was to be done with heavy construction at Thanksgiving and we've pretty well done that," says Michael Hall, Airport Director. 

Hall told WENY News if you come to the airport, you will notice a number of big changes around the entire facility. 

"Well you can see a terminal that's vastly different from what it was a year ago, it's much more open and airy. The flow through the terminal with the fact that construction wrapping up is much smoother than it was," Hall tells WENY News. 

And even with the ongoing construction, Hall told WENY News that is has not affected how many people are using the airport to travel. 

"We've had a great year, we've had a 10 percent increase in spite of the construction and special thanks today to all of the travelers who worked their way through the barricades  and what have you over the last year," says Hall. 

Hall added that those who have been traveling with the airport have had great reactions to the changes so far.

"Well the reaction people were giving us now that it's really starting to come together and you can see what it's going to be like is "Wow." It's a really big improvement over where we were," Hall tells WENY News. 

Hall told WENY News that the airport is planning to host their official ribbon cutting for the end of construction the week of December 16th. Once the ceremony is complete, the airport will officially be the Ithaca Tompkins International Airport.