Big Flats, NY (WENY) -- As people all across the Southern tier finish their meals, it was time for some people to get out and exercise. They were joined by thousands of people who waited across the country to shop.

Dozen's of people were waiting in line at Target and Best Buy in Big Flats. Some people tried to beat the rush by grabbing a spot in line while others slowly filed in once they opened. But it wasn't an easy wait. There were snow flurries but that didn't stop anybody. Doors opened at 5:00pm.

Ashley DeWert, who lives in corning, had been waiting in line since 3:30pm. In fact, she was the first person in line at Best Buy. DeWert was looking for a TV. Just last week her television broke. She was originally in a line further down the plaza at Target.

“We were actually in line and there was a bunch of people in front of us and nobody here so we ran down and got first place.” said DeWert.

People came to Best Buy looking for a variety of things like cellphones, laptops and appliances. But the hot item this year were some of the amazon products and gaming consoles.

Alex Leonard came to support his friends. He was joined by three others. While supporting his friends he also did a little shopping himself. He was looking for the iPhone X. Leonard was going to head to Wal-Mart and try to get it there but he said they don't have them.

“I'm just doing some shopping. For the black Friday. Got a lot of deals going on.” said Leonard.

For people like Leonard it wasn't an easy wait. The snow continued to fall well into the evening. But even with the cold weather, that didn't stop DeWert or Leonard.

“I got a wind breaker on so I’m alright but it isn't thermal, I’m not going to lie to you.” said Leonard.

“It hasn't been to bad. it snowed a little bit but we think we're all pretty warm.” said DeWert.

Just this month alone, the store had seen well over 14,000 peoples. Hundreds more are expected to pack into Best Buy on Friday. But they're prepared for the overflow. They have extra security at the entrance, plus an additional employee directing traffic at the entrance.

Some people may know what they were looking late Thursday or even on Black Friday but for but Dylan Green is one who didn't.

“I'm not here to get much of anything. I just really like Black Friday shopping, what the turnout is, what people are getting.” said Green.

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