Another weekend, another wintry mess headed towards the Twin Tiers. We will be expecting snow and ice again to impact the Twin Tiers. We are expecting to wake up across the region Sunday with a wintry mix, towards the Northern Tier however, we will see more in the way of freezing rain. For the southwestern portion of our viewing area, we could see upwards of a quarter an inch of freezing rain making travel dangerous across the region. Otherwise the rest of the region is expected to see near a tenth of an inch. Cold air wraps in on the backside as the a secondary area of low pressure forms off the East Coast and will transition our wintry mix to all snow by Sunday night.

This is where we will see the heaviest of the snow falling across the region with generally 3"-6" expected through Monday afternoon. Areas east of Elmira could see higher amounts as we will be watching a heavy snow band form and depending how far west this band moves will determine to see if the Elmira region sees higher amounts. Areas west of Bath and Wellsboro will see less amounts of nearly three inches and less the farther west.

Continue to follow along with us as we keep you updated with more information becoming available.