Sayre, PA (WENY) -- People in Sayre celebrated a very special holiday Monday. A Festivus ceremony -- based on the show "Seinfeld" was held in Howard Elmer park. Festivus gives people a chance to air their grievances. Around a dozen people showed up in the northern tier. Not all of them may have been Seinfeld super-fans, but for some, the idea is something they can get behind.

It's a holiday that geared towards being an alternative to the commercialization of Christmas. Instead of a Christmas tree, there's an empty aluminum pole. Anyone can come down to Howard Elmer park and air their problems. Unlike the Seinfeld episode, Festivus doesn't end with a physical feat of strength. People airs a number of grievances. One of the big ones was about woman’s bathrooms. Someone even mentioned their gripe about people not putting back grocery carts and leaving them.

Alice Bennett said this is a fun way to air your opinion without stirring up controversy.

“Even if we're just kind of hearing ourselves talk, I’m with some of my dearest friends tonight and some people that I’ve never me before so i think to have that forum that's safe and kind of fun and kind of funny and you know hey there's cookies. it's a good thing.” said Bennett.

All you can still air you grievances. You just have to swing by the park on West packer ave.