ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- The big day is almost here, and that's why more than 100 people went to the Arctic League in Elmira on Monday night to help finish up packing.

Volunteers had to sort and package gift bags, and each bag was customized for each family -- based on the number of children and their ages. Monday marked the 12th night in a row of packing. Monday was also the final night of packing before volunteers drop off the completed bags in the early morning hours on Christmas -- to help spread holiday cheer to those in need.

Mike Wayne, the Treasurer for the Arctic League said, "What you'll see on Christmas morning are people that have been doing this for decades, many will be multi-generational, and they'll all be having a grand old time. So that's the easy part, the delivery of the toys. They have also been tremendously supportive for helping us financially as you can imagine, we have more than 1,400 families and about 3,000 children, and the cost of that all adds up, and the community has been tremendous at donating money so that we have the funds so we can provide a Merry Christmas for kids in Chemung County."

Just a few days ago, as WENY News reported, the Arctic League exceeded their holiday fundraising goal by raising a total of $142,000. The original goal for the Arctic League was $125,000. The money raised this year will go towards next year's Christmas delivery.