We've seen rain showers over the past couple of days, but now cooler air will be ushered into the region for Tuesday and will change those rain showers into snow showers. We will see chilly air roll into the twin Tiers tonight which will change those rain showers into snow showers. Plus, the winds will come out of the west/southwest off of Lake Erie and this will allow for moisture to be pulled of the lake and pop up some snow showers which could be quick and intense. We will be looking at snow squalls moving through the region Tuesday afternoon and especially during that evening commute.

This will create near whiteout conditions for a short period of time which will limit visibility for a short time across the region. This will create the increased chances of accidents across the roadways when these snow squalls hit. Make sure you take the necessary precaution when driving from Tuesday afternoon and into Tuesday evening with the potential of you driving through one of these squalls. They will also create quick snowfall accumulations which will make the roadways slick although temperatures are expected to be above freezing. With the intensity of the snow falling, it will quickly stick to area roadways. Be careful, and be weather aware tomorrow!