We have entered a rather active pattern across the Twin Tiers this week and it continues Friday with showers returning to the region. We have already seen clouds overtake the region and clouds will build until rain begins to fall late tomorrow morning. Temperatures will remain mild Friday as highs are expected to be in the mid 40s, but shower chances will continue all the way into Saturday. We will see colder air filter into the region for Saturday, but temperatures will remain well above freezing for the majority of the day. We will see rain fall accumulations across the Twin Tiers with this system between .25" and .5" with some areas seeing a touch more.

We will change over to light snow late Saturday evening, but latest models have shown a weaker and more strung out storm which means snow will be light and very scattered across the region. We will see very light accumulations on grassy surfaces, upwards to 2" are possible but not very likely. However, with the crashing temperatures travel will be slick Saturday night as a flash freeze is possible by dusk as temperatures will crash into the upper 20s early Saturday night.