Steuben County, NY (WENY) -- A video has surfaced of a disturbing sales tactic from an alleged Charter employee. 'Ring' video shows the person lying about Charter Communications acquiring Empire Access.

At first glance it may just seem like a sales rep trying to get someone to switch to Spectrum. But halfway through the alleged sales rep lies about Spectrum buying Empire Access. Empire said this wasn't an isolated incident.

In the video the sales person can be heard saying 'Hey, how you doing?'.

It seemed like a normal knock at the door. A Southern Tier resident can be seen opening his front door to find what looks like a Spectrum employee. The sales rep tells the customer he's trying to get him to come back to Charter. When the customer mentions that he's happy with what he's got the sale's pitch takes a wild turn.

“We just bought out empire, so sooner or later you'll be on bored with us.” can be heard in the video.

The issue is that Empire Access hasn't been sold to Spectrum and are not planning on selling themselves to Spectrum.

A person from Spectrum's parent company Charter Communications said “The content of the video is not accurate and we’re investigating these apparent comments by the sales representative.”

Bob VanDelinder, with Empire Access, said this isn't an isolated incident.

“It was a surprise. We have not seen this tactic before. We were very surprised. We just want to make sure the communities know that we're here to stay.” said VanDelinder.

He says Empire Access has received several calls of the strange sales tactic.

“The few cases we heard about were in the Bath, New York area, so right in the Southern Tier.” said VanDelinder.

In the video, the customer can be heard asking about if his rates might possibly go up, worrying that switching to Spectrum might change his current rate.

“So you're going to raise up the rates?” said the Customer.

“No where just going to get everyone switch over so whenever you guys are ready. The official switch over is March.” said, in response, from the sales rep.

“We can keep out customers based on our service, our price. We're very competitive and play fair. We think that's extremely important to play fair and keep it a level playing field and be honest to our customers.” said VanDelinder.

Empire Access is asking anyone who runs into a similar circumstance to contact them by phone or email. If you have any questions about you're empire access service you can call their service line at: 1(800)338-3300.

Again a Charter representative tells WENY News that they are investigating the comments.