UPDATE (1:30 p.m.) Athens Area School District Superintendent Craig Stage tells WENY News the school district is looking into both "internal and external" consequences for "all parties involved" after a video of an Athens High School student beating another student was shared on social media. 

Additionally, Stage says a passerby who saw the incident informed a staff member who was walking by the bathroom, and the staff member immediately responded and broke up the altercation.

Now, Stage says the district's priority is protecting the victim "both emotionally and mentally". He added the district does not condone these actions. 

"It's not entertainment," said Stage. "We don't find it funny." 

Stage also said he hopes people "stop re-victimizing the victim by re-posting the video". 

The school district is currently working with police; Stage added the Athens Borough Police does have an officer staged in the building as a School Resource Officer (SRO). 

ATHENS, PA. (WENY) – A 15-year-old boy has been charged after a video showing a student abusing another child at the Athens Area High School circulated social media.

The video, which was widely shared on Facebook, was reportedly taken in the bathroom of the high school on Tuesday, January 14. In the video, one student can be seen punching the other repeatedly. He then picks up the victim and slams him into the ground. 

In a statement, Athens Borough Police confirmed the boy was facing charges.

The statement continues, saying:
“It is inappropriate to post videos, etc. of criminal activity to social media. The rights of a victim shall be respected and protected at all times. Please refrain from posting or sharing the video as it only continues to victimize the student and may lead to further investigations.”

WENY News has reached out to the Athens Area School District for a statement.