PAINTED POST, N.Y. (WENY) - While most people are stuck at home for the time being due to the coronavirus pandemic, it can be difficult to find ways to get outside and have fun while still maintaining social distancing guidelines. However, one neighborhood in Painted Post may have figured out a way.

Overbrook Road in Painted Post has started a weekly celebration by throwing driveway parties. Fliers were distributed to residents in the neighborhood, encouraging them to go to the end of their driveway, and make some noise, wear a costume, sing a song, wave a flag, and more as a safe way to still get out of the house and have some fun during this period.

Among the few that participated this week, one family performed karaoke and played cornhole, while another played the guitar and snare drum for others who were walking through the neighborhood.

"I think people working from home and staying away from non-essential businesses and all of that sort of stuff are getting a little stir crazy" said a resident. "I don't know who's idea it was but it was a great one and so we thought we'd take advantage of the nice weather and the opportunity to get to the end of the driveway and see our neighbors walk by and have some fun."

The driveway parties will continue every Wednesday beginning at 5 PM.

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