CORNING, N.Y.(WENY)-- Corning's Market Street is getting a little more active again, as some stores are now able to reopen under Phase 1. WENY News spoke with Pip's Boutique, who is now offering road side pick up, delivery options, and even free shipping. Sarah Files, the owner of Pip's, is working to be able to show her Customers everything available to them right now through Faceboook and Instagram. Sarah told WENY on Friday afternoon that business has been a bit slow due to the fact her customers like to come in and try things on, but she is using social medial to her benefit to do the trying on for her ladies.

"It's a little slow still, ladies love to come in and try on so it's very hard, so I've been trying on everything and then letting ladies know how they run, if they're running true to size, if they're a little bit bigger, that sort of thing. Shoes are a little but easier in accessories," says Files. 

Customers are not allowed in the store but the owner of Pip's told WENY News how they are using social media to show their customers what is available. You can see everything Pip's has to offer by checking out their Facebook and or Instagram page, as the owner is working to update it every day or so. When someone sees something they want to buy they are able to call ahead, send a message on social media, or email in their order. They key is, if  a customer wants to come out and pick up an order themselves, they are still asked to wear a mask and follow the social distancing guidelines.

"Just stay right here on our stoop and we'll take payment, we'll let you know how much it is. They can either hand us however they want to pay and we'll have everything set right here on the tables so that way there's minimal contact for them."

If you would like to see what Pip's has to offer right now, you can click here.