MURRIETTA, CA (WENY) -- Two Denny's Restaurants in the Southern Tier will permanently close amid the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Feast American Dinners, LLC, which operates several Denny's restaurants across upstate New York, notified employees via letter.

In the letter, the company says it will permanently close the Denny's locations on Victory Highway in Painted Post, and Chemung Street in Horseheads. The letter states in part, New York's shelter in place order "limited the opportunities for people to frequent our restaurants, so we had to reduce hours severely and layoff most of our staff. Now, unfortunately, the impact of these financial circumstances has results in a termination of our lease, which we received notice of yesterday (May 7)."

The letter goes on to say they will be unable to hire back employees as they had hoped. The information was confirmed in a phone call to Feast American Diners by WENY News.

The company had previously laid off almost 700 employees in March, according to a WARN notice filing with the New York State Department of Labor. The layoff notice cited COVID-19 as the reason.