ELMIRA, NY (WENY) -- This afternoon, a car parade in Elmira celebrated elementary school teachers to kick off the new school year. Beecher Elementary School hosted a car parade this afternoon to celebrate faculty and students heading back to school. The parade started at the Holiday Inn on Water Street and ended at the Beecher Elementary back entrance on second street. Students and parents were lined up in decorated cars riding through the streets until they arrived at the school, where they were met with teachers who were excited to see their faces. Teachers, parents, and staff were very excited to not only have the parade but finally know they will be heading back to class in person a few days a week. We caught up with a student to see how he feels going back to school.

"Really excited. I want to go back to school because school is pretty much my favorite because I'm at Beecher," says Tyler Young a 5th grade student at Beecher Elementary. He also said, "I'm most excited to see my teacher because I got one of the funny ones and one of the newer teachers and that's Nick!"

We also caught up with a teacher at the school who says there will be some challenges this year.

Stephanie Tusing, a 5th grade teacher said, "I think the biggest challenge is going to be is only having our students here part time, because we thought we can't have it this time. Knowing they cans till come back to the building and we get to support them and have them back in any way that we can is wonderful."

Stephanie also said she was very happy to see the support from her students, parents, and staff today at the parade.