On Tuesday the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, co-led by Representative Tom Reed (R-NY) and Josh Gotenheimer (D-NJ) released a new COVID stimulus framework. This proposal comes after six weeks of discussions with constituents and stakeholders in the framework.

The caucus reports that the framework, March to Common Ground, "addresses key areas of need, including COVID-19 testing, unemployment insurance, direct stimulus, worker and liability protection, small business and non-profit support, food security, schools and child care, housing, election support, and state and local aid."

The framework would utilize new stimulus money and the reallocation of CARES Act funding. The funds would focus largely in State and Local Aid and allocate them $500.3 billion, followed by $400 billion for Election Support, $316 for Direct Assistance to Individuals & Families, as well as other areas of support mentioned above.

When asked to speak on the topic Co-Chair Tom Reed said “Americans deserve a functioning Congress that can rise to the challenge and deliver the relief they need."

The majority of this package would extend for six months, (through the next election), but state and local funding is called for a full year.
This comes alongside some adaptability of the framework dependent on the severity of the pandemic and the possible adoption of a vaccine in the coming months. This includes a system of automatic boosters that would increase the amount of relief to families, as well as reducers that would decrease the total cost of the package dependent on need.

The full framework can be found on the Problem Solvers Caucus website.