ELMIRA HEIGHTS, NY (WENY) -- A huge food giveaway will begin at the Way Center church in Elmira Heights this Thursday. For the next 5 Thursday's starting this Thursday, the Way Center will conduct a food giveaway in which Pastor Randy Jackson says it means more this year than ever before.

Jackson says, "Basically, what we're doing is we had an opportunity to bring in farmers to families. Which farmers to families is a USDA program where there's boxes of food that include meat, dairy, produce and fresh vegetables. They're brought in our lot and we are then allowed to bring them out to our community as we need to"

Pastor Jackson says they are expecting 40 to 50 thousand pounds of food to be distributed each week and it will all be done without contact.

"The people are going to come in one driveway, the pallets of food and stuff will be lined up. they'll be coming around and it's basically gonna be how many are in your family and that little bit of information and have them open the trunk of their car and have the boxes set in the car. There will be no contact at all and everybody will have masks."

This is the first year the Way Center is participating in the program and Jackson hopes it will continue.

"The thing about it is that most of the time when you have food pantries and stuff like that you are sorting food and you're boxing food and all that stuff. With this, it's all pre-sorted, it's done, it's in the boxes, it's fresh, it comes on refrigerated trucks. It makes it that much easier and we are able to help that many more people," said Jackson.

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