(WENY)-- New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced earlier Tuesday afternoon the forming of the "Cluster Action Initiative." 

"We have what I call a COVID cluster problem. But a cluster problem is serious because a cluster problem can grow," says NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo. 

The new initiative comes as a response to five clusters across the state, Rockland County, Orange County,  Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau County and Binghamton. Under the plan, NYS plans to take action within the cluster itself, as well as precautionary action in the surrounding communities to stop the spread of the virus. The clusters are broken up into three different zones, red, orange and yellow. Binghamton was put in the yellow zone, which means precautionary action will be taken. 

"Binghamton we are declaring a yellow zone which is a precautionary zone which is a less intense action plan than in a red zone. Why? Because there is just a fewer number of cases in Binghamton, the density is less, the cluster is less."

The cluster action initiative is made up of three steps:

  1. Take dramatic action within the cluster
  2.  Take action in the immediate areas surrounding the cluster to stop the spread
  3. Take precautionary action in the outlying communities 

 Binghamton is only in the yellow zone, but measures are being taken to help slow the cluster down.

"Yellow, which is the precautionary zone, 50 percent capacity in house of worship, mass gatherings 25 people, businesses are open, dining indoor and outdoor but four people maximum per table."

In person schooling is still allowed in Binghamton for the time being, so students will have to undergo regular COVID-19 testing.

"So those schools in those yellow zones must do weekly testing. The department of health will set a sample number. We want to make sure it is statically represented that sample by Friday."

You can find the entire press conference by clicking here.