TROY, PA. (WENY) -- With Halloween right around the corner, sweet treats are on the mind. Despite the every day stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mill Street Treats has been fully functional throughout it. Shane Morgan runs mill street treats with his father- in-law who started this shop originally just to make caramel corn. Now they have not only expanded from making just caramel corn, but they have also been able to keep all of their operations in house. 

"Everything that we put our sticker on is made in house. Even the K-cups are produced four at a time and our coffee is produced and packaged here. Everything is made and hand packaged right here with our sticker on it," says Morgan.

Mill Street Treats can be found not only in their store front but also throughout the local area, so the staff at Mill Street is pretty busy. 

"On a normal day about 200 bags, and that is Monday through Friday. Normally we don't pop on weekends. We have and we will but 200 bags a day is enough to supply my store, other local businesses that also carry it. But on average about 200 bags a day."

Even for those who do not like popcorn and or coffee, Mill Street Treats a lot more to offer. 

"It is a very unique shop, we have quality products, we have amazing ice cream. We usually can find something anybody will like between roasted peanuts, fresh popped pop corn, ice cream, espresso. It's not hard to find something that everyone can enjoy a little treat while they are here."

If you would like to check out Mill Street Treats for yourself and everything they offer, you can click here.