It's no secret that we will be tracking a strong area of low pressure around Christmas to bring impacts locally, but this storm is beginning to raise concerns. Across the Twin Tiers right now, we have a deep snow pack of near 4 feet for some and over the next several days leading up to this storm, most of that snow pack will not melt. This is beginning to raise concerns about flooding for us locally. As of now, models continue to show us on the warm side of the storm before colder air wraps in behind. Models also are showing the chance for heavy rainfall before the change over to some snow. With the combination of mild temperatures ahead of this storm, a deep snow pack, and heavy rain possibly falling as the snow melts, we will have to watch out for flooding along creeks, streams, and even the main rivers. We are still several days away, but be aware of the possibility and be weather ready if it does come down to it.

Another concern we will have is for flash freezing. A powerful cold front looks to swing through on Christmas, and we could start the day out in the upper 40s/low 50s before temperatures potentially drop into the low 20s by the afternoon. With wet roads likely across the region and temperatures dropping quickly in a short amount of time, we will be concerned with flash freezing and widespread ice across area roads. As mentioned above, we are still several days away but do be aware as we move closer towards Christmastime and we will continue to keep you up to date!