TIOGA COUNTY, PA (WENY) -- An international manufacturing company has opened a facility in Tioga County, Pennsylvania providing several new job opportunities. 

Victaulic has purchased the 220,000 square foot former Waupaca manufacturing plant in Lawrenceville, PA. 

"Our business is growing, thankfully and so we knew we needed capacity in the near future. We didn't need capacity today, but we needed it in the near future. We found this facility came available, the previous owners were moving out. We got in contact with some of the local representatives and commissioners and saw the work ethic here is just fantastic, and the quality of people is fantastic. We said, we can't pass up an opportunity like this. For Victaulic, a Pennsylvania base company to open up a new facility in Pennsylvania is just perfect for us," says Rick Bucher, President and CEO of Victaulic.

Founded in 1919, Victaulic is an international manufacturer of mechanical pipe joining, fire protection and flow control solutions. The Lawrenceville facility has already added nearly 60 new manufacturing jobs, and plans on hiring process engineers, front-office, HR and much more.

"Our plan is to have over 200 people here in a couple years. Frankly, we're already ahead of schedule. So we've hired a bunch of people who use to work in this facility before," says Bucher. 

Pennsylvania State Representative, Clint Owlett says agencies from the county level to the federal level have been working together to make this happen for more than a year now. 

"Initially, we had an employee reach out to us and say hey, Waupaca is looking like they're going to pack up. They shared with us a name of a Pennsylvania own company. We all work together, and ended up calling the company, cold call see what will happen and here they are," says Rep. Owlett. 

Rep. Owlett added, "They're investing in Tioga County, they're investing in infrastructure, they're investing in the employees. Its such an exciting day for Tioga County. North Central Pennsylvania is growing. We're open for business and Victaulic is a new employer here in North Central, Pennsylvania and we're excited to have them." 

Rep. Owlett, says they're thrilled to Victaulic in Tioga County, offering economic and employment opportunities, not only in the county but across the region. 

Victaulic says new hires will join the current Victaulic team of more than 1,600 Pennsylvania employees and 4,500 people globally. Victaulic has 40 international facilities and helps customers in 120 countries.