Two pleasant days are expected across the Twin Tiers before better chances for showers arrive Friday afternoon. Shower chances will continue through the weekend and into early next week. However, washouts are not expected as we will only be tracking a few afternoon showers to pop. Also, the showers that do pop look to be on the light side. Most of those days will be filled with partly cloudy and partly sunny skies. Temperatures this weekend will also warm into the low 70s by Sunday, generally making for a pleasant next several days. There is uncertainty with these showers though. Models have begun to turn a bit drier, which is good news, but they still differ in what days may have the best chances for showers and which days will not. What we are tracking is a bit of energy that will sit across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic which will help to pop what we call "popcorn" convection. Although models might not be grasping onto the idea for showers through this weekend fully, we still have the chances for showers as there will be a slightly unsettled atmosphere in place locally. We will keep you updated moving forward, but overall a pleasant several days is ahead for the Twin Tiers.