ITHACA, N.Y.(WENY)-- On June 24th a ribbon cutting was held for Common Strength LLC, a personal training center and gym that was spawned during the pandemic. 

The idea for Common Strength began 20 years ago when owner and founder Furaha Shululu started doing strength training in the winter of 1994.

In 2004 Shululu applied for his first personal training position and by 2007 he was a full-time personal trainer. Eventually, Shululu branched off and started his own personal training and mentorship program and he has been building on Common Strength from 2012 on. 

Shululu is an Upstate New York native who trains some of Ithaca’s most prominent figures in his newly opened facility located at 609 West Clinton Street in Ithaca New York. 
If you have an interest in individual or personal training with Shululu, you can follow this link for more information.