(WENY) - New York State Gov. Kathy Hochul passed the Less is More Act last Thursday with the intent of improving justice and safety in city jails. 

The Less is More Act was passed on September 17th with the idea of refining city judicial systems. The law eliminates going back to jail by breaking a technical violation of parole or probation in New York State. The law looks to create more jail space by transferring inmates from Rikers Island to state custody. 

Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard says he doesn’t support the act. He explained how he doesn’t expect local communities like Steuben to benefit from the act. 

“I’m not sure we’ll see any benefit from the passage of this law,” Allard said. “In Steuben County, we have neither a state prison or city jail so I'm not sure what benefit we would see other than more people offending longer before they are, in fact, violated, which is in no way a benefit.” 

Allard has his doubts for the Less is More Act. Despite this, He hasn’t ruled out how the act could be beneficial. 

“I struggle to see a positive effect at least in this area due to it,” Allard said. “I’m sure there are those that make a case for injustices that have occurred and this is going to write some of that wrong. That’s very possible, I just haven't seen it in this area.”