CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) – The Corning Museum of Glass is hosting several events for the fall season.

On Friday, the museum held Adopt-A-Glass-Pet Day. Guest artists Catherine Labonte held a live demonstration in which she made a special glass chicken in commemoration of Wineglass Marathon Weekend; it will also be the mascot for a race in the spring.

Labonte explained her artistic process, saying: “I do a drawing first. First, I was an artist who was doing more drawings, so I draw the piece and then we do a first day in the art shop to see how the design could be done, and we have to redo the drawings after to make sure we could deal with the idea and the techniques.”

During Adopt-A-Glass-Pet Day, museum guests could also buy handmade glass pets; Labonte was also on hand to personalize each pet with a name of the owner’s choosing.

Friday also kicked off CMoG’s annual Glass Farmers Market, which will run until October 11. Guests can enjoy a full fall display and choose from handmade glass pumpkins, acorns and more, with many of the pieces made by local artists.

“Here at the CMoG, we really prioritize our local community and make sure that we support them the best that we can,” said Meghan Eunnell, a buyer for the museum. “This year we really have tried hard to make sure we have plenty of pumpkins for everyone.”

This is the 40th anniversary of the Glass Farmers Market. In commemoration, resident glass artist Eric Meek designed a special glass pumpkin that is on display at the museum.  

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