HORNELL, NY (WENY) - Hornell Mayor John Buckley announced Friday afternoon the City of Hornell will honor Hornell Police Sergeant Daniel J. Swift. Mayor Buckley plans to honor Swift with a new park being built next to the Community Bank on Seneca Road. 

Sergeant Swift was killed in the line of duty on October 24th, 1973. He was struck by a 15-year-old driver who took his father’s car. The driver intentionally hit Swift while attempting to arrest three occupants. Sergeant Swift was 25 years old. 

Dan Swift’s son has been friends with Mayor Buckley since childhood. He expressed the lessons honoring his father will teach future generations. 

“It shows them that this town supports its first responders,” Swift said. “If someone in the line of duty happens to pass away, that it’s our duty as a community... to honor them. For years, this will always be here.” 

Joe Huang-Racalto is another long-time friend of Swift. He recalled wanting to see Swift’s father honored the right way. 

“He didn't speak a lot about it,” Huang-Racalto said. “Danny and I, through the years, have just talked about, hey maybe we should get some kind of memorial for Sergeant Swift.” 

He continued by emphasizing the role the memorial would play in the Hornell community. 

“Given that, as Mayor Buckley so rightfully said, we as a society have an obligation to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice” 

Mayor Buckley received a $10 million DNI Grant from New York State to build the park. He feels the park would make for a good memorial location and explained how it would honor Swift’s life. 

“Knowing that he didn't have his father there for all those holidays, and sporting events, and for all those things that a lot of us would take for granted, that has an impact,” Buckley said. “It's nearly 50 years later, but we're going to pay tribute to him and memorialize him and his legacy... his memories, and his service to our community right here in this brand-new park.” 

The Park and memorial are targeted to be completed by October 24th, 2021, the 50th anniversary of Swift’s death.