SAVONA, NY (WENY) -- Eric Smith, who was 13 years old when he killed a four year old boy from Savona in 1993 has been granted parole. 

According to the family of Derrick Robie, Smith could be released from prison as early as mid-November. This was his 11th time up for parole, while serving a nine-years-to-life sentence for Derrick's murder. He was last denied parole in January 2020. 

Smith currently remains incarcerated at Woodbourne Correctional Facility in Sullivan County.  

Smith is now 41 years old. After he was convicted in 1994, he served time in a juvenile detention facility before transferring into the New York State prison system. 

The New York State Department of Corrections issued the following statement to WENY:

Mr. Eric Smith appeared for the 11th time before the Board of Parole on October 5, 2021 and subsequently was granted an open date of November 17, 2021.   

The New York State Board of Parole, as the sole entity that considers and determines parole eligibility, is an independent body whose members have been confirmed by the State Senate. The Board members base their decisions on whether the standards for release are satisfied in accordance with Executive Law 259-i.  Prior to making a final decision, the Board members must follow the statutory requirements which take ‎into consideration many factors, including statements made by victims and victims’ families, if any, as well as an individual’s criminal history, institutional accomplishments, potential to successfully reintegrate into the community, and perceived risk to public safety. Additionally, by statute, the Board considers any recommendations concerning release to Community Supervision from the district attorney, sentencing court and the defense attorney.

WENY News has requested the transcript of the Parole Board interview through a Freedom of Information Act request.