CORNING, N.Y. (WENY)- Superheroes return to the stage! Corning Community College is gearing up for the opening of a new play Friday.  The production is called Mynx and Savage. It's directed by SUNY CCC alumna and it features an all CCC student cast. The play is a comedy-drama about a comic book writer, his new illustrator, and his characters Mynx and Savage.

The illustrator Ket played by student actor Sara Case comes to work with the comic book writer on the 100th issue of his popular superhero fantasy series. Fantasy bleeds into reality when the superheroes and their mild-mannered alter egos invade the artists' studio.

The Director of Mynx and Savage explains the plot behind the production and how these characters come to life on stage."It is a story of a graphic novel writer and his Illustrator and coming to grips with events that have happened in the past and events that are coming up in the future that he is not quite ready to handle yet," Kai Dondero said.

Case says she is excited to be back on stage she's been working on this production for the past three months  She explains it's unconventional.

"You get to have that reality of the two writers and illustrators working on the project and then we also get to see what they are working on acted out simultaneously," Case said. 

Jack Schultze plays the role of Adam who is the comic book writer. He's on issue 100 and experiencing major writer's block. The agency sends him Ket the illustrator to help him. Ket and the superheroes help Adam to face his the tragic past so he can finally claim his creative future.

"It sort of tells the story of us developing that friendship and me coming to terms with my past," Schultze said.

 Professor of Theatre at CCC gives her take on what audiences can expect. The stage is shared by real-life and fictional characters. We see superheroes, the graphic novel writer has created for many years, come to life she explains. 

"The creations of their artistic imaginations come to life in the course of the action we see the superheroes that Jakes character Adam has created for years and years and they come to life and then the back story of how those characters evolve in childhood also come to life," Mary Guzzy said. 

There will be four shows Friday - Sunday, November 12th-14th at the Schuyler Amphitheatre at SUNY CCC. Ticket prices for all students and seniors are $6. General public tickets will cost $12-$15. Proceeds from the show will benefit the CCC theatre and Muse Fire theatre club.