HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WENY) -- Christmas shopping was in full swing during the Dome Craft Fair on Sunday afternoon.  

The craft fair took place at the Murray Athletic center. Over 200 local vendors from the Southern Tier were in attendance. 

People could purchase gifts, hand-crafted goods, and enjoy a visit from Santa Claus. 

Elmira College’s Community Outreach Director Amber Myers talked about why bringing the craft fair back to Horseheads was important. The event did not take place last year due to Covid-19.  

“We have everything from snacks to homemade gifts and there’s just a lot of good things to start your holiday shopping off right,” she said.  

New York State vendors were well-represented. Myers said there were over 240 vendors. She said it's the vendors that bring in over two-thousand Christmas shoppers. 

“The majority of our vendors are local to the area but we do have some that came all the way from New York City and as far north as Watertown,” she said. “We have a couple from Rochester so kind of representing all over New York State.” 

Myers gave her reasoning for why people continue to shop at the craft fair season after the holiday season, as well.  

“Obviously we like to keep it local for sure and there's just a lot of unique gifts,” she said. “One-of-a-kind gifts that you can get for everyone in your family and friends for the holidays.” 

Amongst the estimated 240 booths at the craft fair, Wax and Moon Candle Co. Owner Maheen Siddiqui was a vendor. She wanted customers to know why her candles were special gifts for loved ones. 

“I sell book and story-inspired candles...people love them,” she said. “It's just the stories that we love and the scents that were inspired by those stories.”