(ELMIRA, N.Y.) WENY -- Owner Julie Delgrosso of the Christmas House is closing up her business after it has been opened for 39 years.  

Everything in the house is for sale as the holiday season comes to a close. Delgrosso talked about the special memories that are wrapped up in the house Thursday afternoon.  

Customers walked around in awe as they shopped for ornaments and searched for mistletoe.  

“We always thought there would be somebody to hand the business on to...somebody who would come up through the ranks here and take over the business,” she said. “But here we are.” 

 She said the last day the Christmas House will be open is yet to be determined. 

For late Christmas shoppers, the store will definitely stay open until after the holidays. They aim to close up in early January. 

“We don't have an official last day right now,” she said “I'm hoping to go until January 8th.” 

 People have signed a guest book where they have written about their favorite memories in the Christmas house. Delgrosso said the final goodbye to the house and the customers who come visit every year will be hard. 

“People have been so nice when they come through at the cash register to tell me the special memories that they've had,” she said. “You know, 'grandma brought me here' or 'I've been bringing my children here and they pick out an ornament every day.'”  

 The Delgrossos want to above all, give back to the Elmira community. She believes that the house has done just that. 

“Right from the day we opened, our philosophy was we were giving back -- even when years were tough and it was tough to give back,” she said. “We always made sure we give back to our community because they're the people who support us and keep us in business.” 

There's still time to grab something from the Christmas House before it closes. Delgrosso welcomes everyone to stop on by and say goodbye.